Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you offer customised products?

A: Yes at CJ Creates most of our products are able to be customised. We have multiple listings for different kinds of stickers which are fully customised, as well as being able to add you name to any of our glassware products. If you are struggling to find any of these options on something you are wanting to purchase please get in contact with us and we would be happy to help and accommodate your request. 

Q: Can thermal stickers have any other colour printed other than black?

A: Because thermal stickers use thermal technology to print the design onto these it is a reaction due to the heat which displays the design, this means the only colour which can be ‘printed’ onto these is black. The colours that you are able to choose are the colours of the stickers themselves. If full colour stickers are something your after head over to our custom sticker sheets where you will be able to have any colours you'd like. https://cjcreatesnz.myshopify.com/products/custom-sticker-sheets

Q: with the custom sticker sheets how many stickers will I actually get per sheet?

A: The amount of stickers you will get per sheet is determined by the size of the stickers youre after. For example if you wanted 3cm stickers you would get 35 per sheet, 4cm stickers would get 20 per sheet and 5cm stickers will get 12 per sheet. If there is a specific amount of stickers you are needing and you are unsure of how many you would get per sheet please get in contact with us and we would be happy to let you know more specifics. 

Q: How long can I expect my order to take?

A: We aim to have all orders processed and sent out within 7 business days. All parcels will be sent using overnight couriers however as we are based in the south island at times it may take an extra business day for orders to reach you if you are based in the north island. If you do not receive your order within 5-10 business days please reach out to us so we can attempt to find out what has happened.